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    Wellwaij Belting Conveyor belts
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    Plastic conveyor- and process belts
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    For use in the agricultural sector,
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    Greenhouses and horticulture
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    potatoes-, fruit and vegetable processing
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    and the packaging industry.
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    L’industrie alimentaire
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    We have our own Research & Developmentcenter
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    strong in Custom-made solutions
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    Accessories to optimize the transport
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    Experienced technical advice
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    New! The Wellwaij Interceptor - Blue Edition

Wellwaij Belting keeps your business moving... because moving is good for you!!

Wellwaij Belting is a manufacturer and fabricator of lightweight plastic conveyor and process belting. Since 1993 we have developed a complete range of conveyor belts covered with PVC, PU, PE and silicone. Custom made in a traditional way. We offer complete conveyor belt solutions for many different applications in various industries. Over twenty years we have established a reputation as a specialist in agriculture, horticulture, fruit- and vegetable processing and packaging industry.



For the agricultural sector conveyor belts have to be suitable for heavy loads and dirty environments.


In the various phases of the horticultural processes conveyor belts are indispensable.

Packaging industry

Conveyor belts play in many machines a major role in the productivity and efficiency of the proces.

Food industry

Wellwaij Belting supplies plastic conveyor belts which are completely suited for the transport of foodstuffs.

Filtration technique

Within the plastics industry the filter and screen belts of Wellwaij Belting are commonly used.


We provide conveyor belts to material handling companies, distribution centers, airports and trucks.

Sports & Recreation

The plastic conveyor belts of Wellwaij Belting play a major role in health and general well-being.


Wellwaij Belting offers many different types of plastic transport- and processing belts.

Coated technical fabric is a.o. used as protection material in harvesting and sorting machines.

Plastic conveyor belts can be fitted with many accessories to optimize the transport.

Wellwaij Belting supplies different types of plastic and rubber guides for applications for various industries.

Wellwaij timing belts are very well suited for mechanical processing or for the application of covers and cleats.

Wellwaij AluTrom is a lightweight and stainless drum made of high quality aluminium.

Covering is a custom-made service and we deliver the solution that fits best to your specific requirements.

On this page you can see a number of plastic conveyor belts that we've developed for our customers.

Confection of plastic conveyor belts

Conveyor belts have to move: left to right, up and down and back again. Wellwaij Belting developes and manufactures plastic conveyor- and process belts in all sorts and shapes and also make sure the conveyor belts keep moving.

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