Over the years, Wellwaij Belting has become the partner of several field experts. This is based on a unique collaboration with machinery manufacturers. We are in constant dialogue with our customers to process application-specific challenges, developments in technology or industry related requirements and standards in our products and/or services. There is no challenge we shy away from.


For the agricultural sector conveyor belts have to be suitable for heavy loads and dirty environments.


In the various phases of the horticultural processes conveyor belts are indispensable.

Packaging industry

Conveyor belts play in many machines a major role in the productivity and efficiency of the proces.

Food industry

Wellwaij Belting supplies plastic conveyor belts which are completely suited for the transport of foodstuffs.

Filtration technique

Within the plastics industry the filter and screen belts of Wellwaij Belting are commonly used.


We provide conveyor belts to material handling companies, distribution centers, airports and trucks.

Sports & Recreation

The plastic conveyor belts of Wellwaij Belting play a major role in health and general well-being.