Food industry

Wellwaij Belting supplies plastic conveyor belts which are completely suited for the transport of foodstuffs. Increasing international standards and the desired characteristics from the market have been translated in the properties of the conveyor belt material.

Keywords in this:
• Advice based on years of experience;
• In accordance with EU and FDA standards;
• USDA guidelines (a.o. FoodSeal edges);
• HACCP working method;
• Oil- and grease resistance;
• Prevent mold (antimicrobial);
• Knife- and kniferolledges for small products;
• Easy to clean;
• Distinctive in colour and design, a.o. for optimal sorting;
• Non shrinking in wet and dirty applications.

Tailor-made fabrication and experienced advice
To optimize the transport of your products, different accessories can be fitted on the conveyor belt, such as:

• Profiles
• Guides
• Cleats
• Side skirts
• Corrugated sidewalls
• Sealed edges
• Etc.
Our objective is helping you to find the best solution. Whether it is a simple or complex conveyor, we will not shy away from the challenge.

Experienced advice
Do you require further iformation? Please feel free to contact us.

Food industry