The development within the horticultural industry is characterized by scale increase and automatization. In the various phases of the horticultural processes, from cultivation and potting to harvesting and shipping, conveyor belts are indispensable.

Specialist in agricultural and horticultural mechanization
Since its establishment in 1993, Wellwaij Belting has specialized in the development and application of plastic conveyor belts in agriculture and horticulture. Therefore, we have unrivalled knowledge of the specific requirements which are made of conveyor belts in this sector, such as:

• Operation in damp and dirty environments;
• Very long conveyor belts which do not shrink/stretch;
• Extra flat belts for smoothly sliding on and off the products;
• The coefficient of friction of the topside is optimized to the application (For accumulating by example);
• Product friendly towards the vulnerability of crops;
• Efficient construction of the equipment (smaller pulley diameters, high belt speeds);
• UV resistance;
• Chemical resistance (e.g. preservatives);
• Insensitivity to mold.

Our conveyor belts can be fitted with many accessories to optimize the transport. By example profiling, guide strips, side skirts, cleats, spill edges, corrugated sidewalls or other accessories if required. Many different designs are possible.

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