Packaging industry

Packing and sorting machines have a wide variety of products, packaging materials and packaging methods. Conveyor belts are an indispensable link and play in many machines a major role in the productivity and efficiency of the process. By making use of the expertise of Wellwaij Belting and by selecting a conveyor belt which is optimally suited for the machine and its application, the process flow can be significantly improved.

Keywords in this:
• Upward/downward and horizontal transport;
• Perfect grip;
• Optical sorting;
• Positioning;
• Turning and sliding of packages and products;
• Multifunctional types of conveyor belts;
• Round conveyors;
• Small roll diameters for easy transfer;
• Direct contact with food and nutrition;
• International standards.

Wellwaij Belting has developed a wide range of conveyor belts and accessories for packaging and sorting, for both food and non-food. The conveyor belt can be fitted with accessories to optimize the transport. You can think of profiling, guides, cleats, spill edges, side seals etc.

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Packaging industry