Craftsmanship and technical expertise you can rely on

"Technician, real specialists who do not shy away from any challenges." Since 1993, Wellwaij Belting is a manufacturer and fabricator of lightweight plastic conveyor and process belting. We are partner of original equipment manufacturers in various industries. We provide manufacturers in the Netherlands, but also to companies in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Denmark.

The access to our own R&D Centre, manufacturing- and fabrication department and technical engineers, combined with years of industry specific experience and a hands-on mentality form the basis of our innovative and solution oriented business operations.

"Where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? At least with our passion, creativity and our specialization within the agriculture, horticulture, fruit- and vegetable processing and packaging industry. We are thrilled to develop conveyor belts which makes machinery and production processes more efficient, faster and / easier. "

Collaboration and continuity
Collaboration and continuity are our keywords: from product concept to after-sales service. Constantly we are in conversation with manufacturers and end users to develop solutions. And to keep abreast of the latest techniques, industry-related trends and (inter)national regulations and standards. Similarly, we also work together with our suppliers. In our company, our departments work as a team. We respect each other and our workforce is very stable. In short, we build relationships for the long term. In our view, this is essential to maintain a stable company.