Guided tour Wellwaij Belting

Production of conveyor belt materials
The main parts of our conveyor belt materials from which your belt are fabricated, are manufactured in our factory in Oudkarspel (NL). The whole production process is continually subjected to strict controls to ensure the high quality level of our products. 


Research & Development​
Since 2011, Wellwaij Belting collaborates with Yongli Europe. Together we have established a Research & Development Centre in the Netherlands. In this centre we carry out research and develop new conveyor belt types and techniques .Here we also carry out the necessary testing.

In Wormer the conveyor belt is fabricated to the specific requirements of the customer. First the belt material is cut to size and endless vulcanized. We have computerized cutting equipment which cuts the material with  millimetre accuracy. With this machine we also cut many special items in unusual sizes, such as flaps. After this follows the fitting process for accessories  such as guiding strips, spill edges, cleats, etc. In addition to the fabrication of plastic conveyor belts and processing belts, we also manufacture many accessories ourselves, such as flaps, fabric-reinforced cleats and side skirts. We also cover components as pulleys, belts, guides and  drums.