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Always on the move!

Establishment Vander Well & Waij
The history of Wellwaij Belting dates back to 1993. After years of working in the business of conveyor belting Paul and Frans van der Well, Kees Bus and Jos Waij decided to combine their expertise which resulted in the creation of "Vander Well & Waij Transportbanden. 

Business Development
In the following years, Vander Well & Waij expanded and developed:

  • 1996: We move to a larger company building on the Rechte Tocht in Zaandam.
    And in 2008 we  moved to the current building at the Bordwalserstraat in Wormer.
  • 2010: Vander Well & Waij started a partnership with Yongli Belting. 
    Together we have established a production and R&D department that fully complies with the  European standards. Thanks to this development, we can:
    - Expand and deepen our knowledge and skills;  
    - Develop new conveyor belt types;
    - Performing tests;
    - Immediately respond to the fast developments in the market;
    - Keep continuous control about the quality of our conveyor belts;
    - Deliver our conveyor belts with short delivery times.
  • 2011: Our name changed to Wellwaij Belting and we created a new logo. With the addition of "Innovation Unlimited" we made the innovative potential of our company more visible. 
  • 2016: The company building will be expanded with 2500m².
  • 2017: Take-over by Yong Li Belting
    - Operating as an international company with settlements all over the world.
    - Strong reputation in the field of design and production of high quality conveyor belt materials.
    - Combine forces to be able to improve our services to our customers.
    - Greatly extended potentiality for development and increased production capacity.
  • 2018: Beltco Systems B.V. continues under the name of Wellwaij Belting Herkenbosch B.V. 
    -  Specialist in the field of applications in the food industry. 
    - We are both member of the international YongLi Group and for years important partners in the development and fabrication of plastic conveyor belting. 
    - Thanks to the close co-operation we can bring the quality of our service to an even higher level.