Happy Easter!
  • 1-4-2021

Happy Easter!

Did you know that Dutch citizens consume around 32 million eggs during Easter?
All these eggs must of course be transported carefully. Wellwaij Belting offers the solution with various egg belts.

For optimal and stable transportation of your eggs we cut (round, oval, square) and measure the egg belts fully automated with our digital cutting machines.
The unique belt type is stretch- and shrink-resistant as well as very smooth. Thanks to the CNC-cut perforations, the eggs have minimal contact surface with the belt, while having maximum positioning stability.

For more information, please contact:
+31 (0) 75 631 39 17 or or
+31 (0) 475 535 700


  • 12-5-2021

    We love flowers

    This month the tulip fields in the Netherlands colourfully burst into full bloom! 🌷Did you know that the Netherlands is the biggest global producer of cut flowers?

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  • 6-5-2021

    Happy Mothers Day

    Upcoming Sunday is dedicated to all our mothers, grandmothers and all other mother figures: Mother’s Day!💐It’s the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation and to spoil them with beautiful flowers, a crafty gift or an extensive breakfast in bed.

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  • 26-4-2021

    Happy Kingsday

    Tomorrow we celebrate in the Netherlands the birthday of our King. It’s the day that the entire country colours orange and that we eat a typically Dutch delicacy for breakfast: tompouce!

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  • 1-4-2021

    Happy Easter!

    Wellwaij Belting offers the solution with various egg belts.

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  • 13-1-2021

    Wellwaij Belting introduces: Wellwaij Positive Drive

    From now on Positive Drive belts are available in 3 different variants with associated sprockets!

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  • 11-1-2021

    New machinery for Wellwaij

    Wellwaij has recently expanded its machinery with  an injection blast cabinet.

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  • 22-12-2020

    Merry Christmas

    On behalf of all Wellwaij Belting employees, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

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  • 26-10-2020

    Expansion of our workshop equipment

    The increasing demand for, especially wider conveyor belts, required an expansion of our workshop equipment.

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  • 16-6-2020


    On June 14 we said festively goodbye to our colleague Leo van Garrel.

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  • 18-5-2020


    The colleagues of Wellwaij Belting and Yongli Belting were surprised with a home theater package last week.

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  • 14-5-2020

    Wellwaij Belting keeps going!

    Even in these special times, Wellwaij Belting continues to look ahead and invest.

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  • 1-4-2020

    Stay Healthy

    The whole world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and everywhere around us we feel the impact that this crisis has on both personal lives and businesses. 

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  • 23-3-2020

    Flower Boost Challenge

    At this moment, the entire world is affected by Coronavirus.This has major economic consequences and the floriculture sector is hit hard by this. 70% of the flowers are destroyed because they can hardly be traded.

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