Plastic conveyor belts can be fitted with many accessories to optimize the transport. 
Our strenth is our technical knowledge, creativity and finding customized solutions. 

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Wellwaij Belting supplies plastic conveyor belts with over 50 different types of profiles.

Wellwaij Belting suplies many types of cleats, also for transporting (unpacked) food. (FDA/EU).

The corrugated sidewalls of Wellwaij Belting ensure controlled transport of your product and prevent spillage.

Wellwaij spill edges are available in various types of material, shapes, sizes, colours and hardnesses. 

To prevent derail of the belt, the belt can be provided with a guide rope or strip which absorbs the lateral forces. 

Use Wellwaij side skirts in order to prevent spillage of the product and reduce contamination under the belt

Conveyor belts can be made endless by by means of a vulcanization process or belt fastener

Wellwaij Belting can provide your PVC conveyor belt with special FoodSeal edges.