Wellwaij cleats

On a plastic conveyor belt, the product may be taken with the aid of one or more types of cleats. These are used, for example when a product is to be transported vertically or horizontally and/or to increase the capacity of the conveyor belt. There are many possible embodiments, such as:

•    Fabric reinforced cleats
•    Full plastic cleats
•    Finger cleats
•    Guide cleats 
•    Nipple Cleats
•    Bespoke triangle cleats
•    Arched cleats
•    Brush cleats

Besides, there are special custom-made cleats: special designs which we have developed at the request and in consultation with the client for a specific application.

Transport of food
Several cleats are suitable for transporting (unpacked) food. These cleats fully meet  the international standards (FDA and EU).

Information and advice
The strength of our organisation lies in our technical knowledge, creativity and finding customized solutions. Do you have a question or are you looking for a special type of belt? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wellwaij cleats

Fabric-reinforced cleats are characterized by their specific high tear resistance and rounded top.

Characteristic for these cleats are their stability, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Finger- and nipple cleats are specially designed for inclined and downward transport and positioning of products.

Wellwaij Belting supplies extruded and coated guide cleats in various hardnesses, colours and shapes.

Especially for the transport of the most fragile products, we have nipple cleats in our product range.

Bespoke triangle cleats have been developed for the processing of flowers and bouquets

Your plastic conveyor belts can be provided with soft arches to avoid possible damage.

For conveying apples Wellwaij Belting has developed extra soft brush cleats.

The Wellwaij Tubetop PVC cleats with food approval have been specially developed for the transport of vulnerable products.