Wellwaij methods to endless a conveyor belt

In general there are two methods to endless a conveyor belt

1. By means of a vulcanization process
A conveyor belt can be made endless by means of a vulcanization process.
With the help of a heat press or high frequency machine both ends can be vulcanized to each other. Different jointing methods can be applied. The selection of the type of joint depends on the number of fabric plies, the construction and running direction and the load on the belt.

2. By means of a galvanized, stainless steel or plastic belt fastener
Conveyor belts can also be made endless by using belt fasteners. A belt fastener consists of a strip of eyes which are hydraulically pressed in both belt ends. Then, a connection thread/tendon can be pushed through the eyes. 
Certainly for machines of which the conveyor belt has to be changed regularly for cleaning or whenever the belt has to be changed, belt fasteners are quite convenient. Disadvantage is that this in effect produces a weaker joint than a vulcanized one.

Our extensive range
Wellwaij Belting has an extensive range of fasteners in various types and dimensions (0,5-6 mm) for light and heavy applications. Connection threads or tendons can be supplied in steel or in stainless steel and can be covered with nylon. The nylon cover reduces friction and wear and tear.

Castellated fasteners
Wellwaij Belting has introduced a special type of fastener: the castellated fastener.
This fastener is created by fabricating the eyes of the fasteners from the ends of the conveyor belt. They form an integral part with the conveyor belt so that this type of fastener is less vulnarable.

Excellent Advice and Service 
Thanks to our many years of experience we can give excellent advice on the correct method, joint or fastener. Both jointing methods can be carried out in our workshop or on-site. Please contact us for more information. Thanks in advance

Wellwaij methods to endless a conveyor belt