Wellwaij spill edges

When you want to avoid that products drop from the conveyor belt, you can fit spill edges on the top side of the belt. Wellwaij spill edges are available in various types of material, shapes, sizes, colours and hardnesses. 

•    Material 
Spill edges can be made of PVC, PU, PE and  Polyester. 
The choice of the material depends on the application.

•    Form
Wellwaij spill edges are available in V- and block form. 

•    Size 
The height of the spill edges depends on the belt type, application, the diameter of the drive pulley and back flexion.

•    Colour
Wellwaij spill edges are available in the following colours:

  • PVC: Green, white, blue, beige and black
  • PU  : Blue and transparent
  • PE  :  Polyethylene transparent
  • Polyester: cream white

Hardness (Shore-A)
Wellwaij spill edges can be supplied in different hardnesses ranging from 25-95° Shore A. We usually advice to choose for coated guides with a hardness of 35-50° Shore A. These guides are softer/more flexible than extruded guides end prevent the product from being damaged during transport. Other advantages: they remain more flexible in cold conditions and they can be used on a smaller pulley diameter. 

The use of spill edges can affect the diameter of the drive- and tail pulley and back flexion of the belt which you want to use for your conveyor. 

Information and advice
The final choice for the most suitable  spill edges depends on many factors. And in addition to the standard range, we can develop tailor-made edges for special applications, such as our PU ‘castellated spill edges’. We are pleased to advise you about the possibilities.

Wellwaij spill edges