Elastic Polyurethane conveyor and process belts

New in our range are elastic polyurethane conveyor and process belts. This homogeneous PU material may not be the most common belt material, but it is one of the most versatile! The elastic PU material offers the ideal solution in a very diverse range of applications. Both in the food industry and in other sectors.

The advantages of this material are:

Construction / Technical
- Due to the high elasticity, hardly any or little tensioning is required in the conveyor installation,    so a simple construction hardly any load on shaft and bearings.
- Roll diameters from 10 to 15 mm, depending on the type, are possible without problems.
- Due to the high elasticity of the PU material, hardly any shaft or bearing loads.
- Simple construction, offers easy mounting.

Material properties in the application
- PU material does not stain
- PU is completely oil and grease resistant
- PU material has high elastic modulus and great mechanical resistance.
- No penetration of fungi, bacteria and the like. Material is completely closed.

Part of our product range has been specifically developed for the food industry, which line meets of course international standards.

- The elastic PU material fits into the HACCP system (prevention of fungi and bacteria).
- PU material is in accordance with EU guidelines for unpacked food and meets the FDA
- USDA approved.

Examples of applications
- Electronic cutting, labeling and weighing systems for sausage products, cheese, etc.
- Spreading belts in industrial bread bakeries.
- As a drive belt in powered roller conveyors.
- Transit singles in industrial laundries.

Various types are already available from stock and new belt types are still under development. We are happy to advise you. Your problem is our challenge!

Elastic Polyurethane conveyor and process belts