Round conveyor belt (PVC and PU)

Many logistics flows uses round conveyors. Producing round belts is a custom-made service, because almost every single one is unique.

Accurately measured and cut
Our computer-controlled cutting machine allows us to measure and cut your round belts completely automated using an AutoCAD drawing. And as a result: a millimetre precision cut belt which transports products effortlessly in a curve.

Custom-made solutions
Our round belts are available in both PU and PVC and in various colours and thicknesses.
Depending on the application, the belts can be fitted with various accessories, such as:

  • Spill edges
  • Holes (with or without eyelets )
  • Guides

Many different designs are possible.

Experienced advice
Do you have questions or do you want more information?
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We will be pleased to co-operate with you to achieve the best result.